Dr. Erin Pryce is an ER physician in Boston who must face the painful past she's tried to escape from when her best friend, Jenna Godfrey, is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Jenna still lives in New Dublin, Wisconsin, the small town they grew up in—a town Erin vowed she would never return to. But now she has no choice. Jenna needs her. And then everything Erin thought she knew is turned upside down in New Dublin, especially when she crosses paths with Luke Mathis, a detective who has his hands full in a town teeming with crime and corruption. Erin is pretty good at finding trouble herself, and the story is intertwined with plenty of medical drama, mystery, romance, humor, and even an element of the paranormal. But in the end it’s all about people helping each other survive, and the power of love to overcome any obstacle.